Dennis C. Hayes
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Inventor of the PC Modem

Dennis C. Hayes is the inventor of the PC Modem.

Recognized technology industry leader, company and association founder, entrepreneur, senior management executive, director and advisor to businesses and other organizations.

He worked with the Speaker of the House (& Staff) and has spoken infront of Congress.

He has been featured in numerous magazines including,  Forbes & Business Week & INC. 

Appeared on many television stations such Bloomberg, CNN & CNBC


Had a full page ad numerous times in the Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Dennis Hayes has an exhibit dedicated to him and his invention in the Smithsonian


With decades of experience and proven skills, Mr. Hayes has influenced legislation for the benefit of the Online Industry & is still actively involved.

Dennis C. Hayes, Former Chairman,
U.S. Internet Industry Association


Hayes Micro Computer Corporation

PC Smartmodem
Model 300

Managing the expanding Company, he generated over 2.4 Billion dollars of modem product revenues and established the industry standard for dial-up modems known as the “Hayes Compatible”, used for almost all dial-up connections to the Internet.

Hayes Smartmodem, (1981)

Founder of Hayes Microcomputer Products his company established the Hayes modem brand as the market leader in 42 countries around the world. 

Most of all, even 30 years later, his loyal customers still talk of the quality of the Hayes brand and their overall satisfaction.

Company - Hayes Microcomputer Products ranked 
# 4 (1983) &  
# 9 (1984) on the
Inc. Magazine
List of the 500
Fastest Growing Companies

(award pictured below)

Mr. Dennis C. Hayes is a member of the CRN Computer Hall of Fame.

He was Inducted for his overall contributions to the computer industry as well his obviously ultra significant invention.

Dennis C. Hayes
Induction ceremony
CRN Computer Industry
Hall of Fame
Comdex - November 2003

The PC Modem, is largely responsible for the global landscape of business and the social interactions that we know today as the World Wide Web.

The Hayes modem gave us an easy to use, affordable way to access the internet that truly became the on-ramp to the super information highway for billions of people.

His Invention, through technology has made it possible for us to connect to one another and has surely touched all of our lives in one way or another.

Not only did Mr. Dennis C. Hayes invent this modem but he also developed the concept, took the product to market, built the Hayes Microcomputer company from the ground up gaining world wide distribution & making billions of dollars in sales & revenue.
Later after successfully guiding the company through a merger that resulted in a new, publicly-owned Hayes Corporation, he retired as Chairman in late 1998 to pursue strategic management consulting endeavors & business advisory as Chairman of Virtual Resources, LLC. 

Year to date, Mr. Dennis C. Hayes has since served as a Board Member of several public & private companies. 

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Even in today's fast paced World Wide Web he remains an important & influential member of the Online internet community he helped build. And, as Chairman of the U.S. Internet Industry Association, Mr. Dennis C. Hayes, helps shape public policy, too.
As a Consultant, his real world experience establishing & energizing Advisory Boards / Board of Directors for growing companies, has been able to help his clients prepare for & execute plans that has positioned them to achieve growth & profits faster than the market around them; resulting in significantly increased shareholder value.
As an Alumni of the Georgia Institute of Technology, he served on the National Advisory Board and helped create the College of Computing. And he is currently in the process of considering taking a more active part in helping educate our future leaders of tomorrow as a lecturer or professor at a prestigious university.

His valued opinion, which is world renowned, 
has had him as an expert witness on cases for technology, Intellectual property & licensing issues.

As one can imagine, he is also a much sought after Public Speaker and has been asked to speak on a wide array of topics at management meetings, conferences & organizational events. Including in front of the United States Congress.
Topics include:

- Global Organizational Management,
- Market & Technology Development
- Technology & Market Assessment
- Market Segment Definition
- Distribution & Channel Development
- Brand Management
- Corporate Positioning
- Product Definition & Development
- Cycle Enhancement / Time Reduction
- Directing Standards Participation
- Operations & Production Planning
- Cycle Management & Sourcing
- Planning & Control of Budgets & Schedules
- Budgeting, Monitoring & Reporting for overall Success & Steady Improvement
- Complex Business Negotiations & Legal  Process
- Organization & Skills Development, including ideas & instruction for the Board of Directors
- Intellectual Property Management & developing a Strategy for Licensing
- Merger & Acquisition Planning, Identification, Negotiation & Implementation
- Capital Structure Planning / Sourcing
- Advise to Senior Management in aspects to Improve Performance
- Serving as an Advisor, Director or Chairman of Board of Advisors
- Public Speaking & Media Relations
- Preparing Management Team to Successfully Manage Rapid Growth
- Communication Among Co-Workers /
Team Building Excersises 
- Growing Your Business in Any Economy

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Former Chairman, U.S. Internet Industry Assoc.  
Managing Member & Chairman, Strategus Capital

Chairman, Virtual Resources, LLC

Consultant, Public Speaker and Expert Witness

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